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-Daniel N

He's murdered before and he's fantasising of the moment he'll murder again.

She's been appalled by what he can do and the brutal things he enjoys so much.

He knows her name and her scent, and he's watching her right now.

She has a loaded revolver and badge, and she's planning to throw one of them away.

Will Chief Inspector Stephanie Saxon take this investigation to the frozen depths of the morgue, or the hard stone of the slammer?

Please believe me!

My name is David Edison and the only way I could share my terrible secret was to write it into an ebook.

I am an absolute fiend and I have hurt far too many people in my life to expect forgiveness.

All I ask is that you listen, not for my sake, but for your own.

By the time you read this, I will have already departed from this simple living world.

"Another Little Soldier" is the true account of the final week of my tumultuous and savage existence. Go ahead and hate me, but believe this absurd account.

Where is ANDY?!

You should have protected him. He should be by your side in the cool, waking light of day. Your son is lost, and your injuries have stolen the simplest of pleasures from you.

If you could find him, if you knew where Andy slept in the darkest hours of the night, how far would you go to get him back?

"Accidental Exposure" contains two versions of the same novel. One from the perspective of the father, and another from the mother.

You are welcome to travel back and forth from one style to another as you search the criminal depths of Sydney for your poor, lost little boy.

What will become of you when the truth is accidentally exposed?