The Bodies We Won’t Bury

     Love is Dangerous



“The killer followed Alex down King Street. He carried a small black gym bag and he smiled as he imagined the tools shifting silently within it. The hard metal of the scissors, shears, knives and the small-calibre pistol. The petrol. He grinned the kind of grin a man can’t hide when he knows something exhilarating approaches. He’s invited into a woman’s bed for the first time or the footy team he bet a little too much money on is guaranteed to win.

Or he’s about to murder two people.”


How many mistakes could you make before surrendering to the devil?

How many lives could you see extinguished?


“If we do our jobs perfectly and we find this guy, you’re going to meet a man who beats young lovers to death… This maniac might be the worst anyone has ever dealt with in this country and if you hesitate, you will die.”

-Stephanie Saxon, Chief Inspector, NSW Police Force.